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Welcome to experience our dropshipping services!

Trustedeal dropshipping services are opening to all registered customers of at no extra charge! Do you want to establish a general online store? Do you want to experience internet business? We will assist you to complement your plan and realize your idea. What you need to do is just to click few keys. As for those complex matters, leave them to us. Our professional teams will handle them all.

Cosplay Accessories

All kinds of cosplay wigs, swords, etc, at wholesale price.
Price: From $2.99

Spiderman Costume

Bring the spiderman hero to your real life!
Price: From $32.99

Lolita Dress

Different style of Lolita dress, bloomers and skirts, all custom tailored with no extra cost.
Price: From $25.99

Intimate Apparel

Intimate sexy costume, babydoll, bustier and corsets, all at wholesale price.
Price: From $3.99

Sexy Shoes

6 inch heels, clear stiletto heels, high platform stripper shoes. Our sexy shoes are of high quality and following the fashion closely.
Price: $59.99

Zentai Suits

Various lycra spandex zentai suits, glue zentai suits, spiderman, superman clothes and PVC clothes at
Price: $59.99

Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay costumes to star you the same as the characters in the animations for cosplay shoe and cosplay fans. Up to 40% off retail price.
Price: $39.99

As soon as your payment completion, we will deliver the products

Dropshipping with enables you to be your own boss with your own Internet company in just a matter of hours. All our inventory is available for dropshippers; simply choose what products you want to sell, and contact our sales team for help!

In order to prevent any fraudulent activities we always double-check account details especially if the address is different from the billing address. So if you are a new drop-shipping customer, please make sure that your account has been verified.

You will never be annoyed by publicity materials of in the packages sent to your customers. takes various measures to protect the true source of the goods and the price you as the vendor paid for your customers, ensuring continuous customer loyalty to you.

If your customers experience any technical difficulties, or want to return goods purchased, they must first contact you as the account holder as well as the vendor of their purchased goods.

As for taxation, please note it is your responsibility as the dropship vendor to be knowledgeable in all taxes and inform your customers in advance. is not liable for providing tax information relevant to your country. However we will do whatever we can to help you minimize the tax burden if you have special packaging instructions.

To get started, browse our categories, and choose your favorite products. When you're ready to start marketing your products, contact our sales representatives at for more tips and discounts

Enjoy your Dropshipping!

How Dropship Works

1. Customers visit your website and place orders
2. Customers place and pay you for the order.
3. You place the same orders with the dropshipper and keep the profit
4. Dropshipper delivers products to your customers without the customers knowing they are dropshipped.