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Shipping Methods Guide

This page shows you how to choose a shipping method for your order, estimate shipping cost and shipping times, and gives other useful information on Trustedeal's shipping process.

Choose a Shipping Method

You can choose the shipping method you want on the Shipping Address page during the Checkout process. There are two main shipping methods to choose from:

Expedited Shipping

This shipping method is the fastest available way. Delivery times are between 3 - 5 days to most destinations. Shipping costs vary with items, but all orders that use expedited shipping will receive a 36% discount on shipping costs.

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping takes a bit longer than expedited shipping but costs less. Delivery times are between 6 - 8 days to most destinations. Shipping costs vary with items, but all orders that use standard shipping will receive a 26% discount on shipping costs.

The above delivery estimates do not include order processing time.

Some of our items also have an extra savings on shipping. Look out for following stickers on our products:

Any products with the Free Shipping sticker have no shipping costs, regardless of location or item quantity. Delivery times are usually the same as standard shipping.

Some products carry the Bulk Sale Free Shipping sticker. This means that shipping is free or discounted when a certain number of items are ordered. More details can be found on individual product information pages that carry this sticker.